Religious Education classes at Saint Joan of Arc will begin in October 2020. Please complete the appropriate forms below return by September 30th to complete registration.

Completed forms can be returned by email, USPS mail, or in the church office drop-box. Payments can be made either via check or via the Giving tab on this website. Detailed instructions are listed on the forms.

ClassesMethod of LearningLink to Forms
1st Year Religious EducationHome TeachingForm
Faith Classes, Grades 1-8Home TeachingForm
1st ReconciliationOnline (via email)Form
1st EucharistOnline (via email)Form
Pre-ConfirmationHome TeachingForm
ConfirmationOnline (via email)Form
RCIA-ChildrenOnline (via email)Form
RCIAOnline (via email)Form